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Security Assessment Services

A Security Assessment is the process of employing administration tools & techniques to verify the security of configurations, infrastructure, deployment tiers and even the physical protections.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

The purpose of this type of testing is to provide clients with a level of confidence that their Internet and LAN infrastructure is secure.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Magarah Web Application Penetration Testing services focus on finding standard and business vulnerabilities.

Web Application Code Review

A Code Review of (.NET + Java) is a line-by-line source code audit looking for implementation errors and evaluating secure coding practices

Wireless Testing

Wireless provides easy and flexible access from laptops, tablets, PCs and mobile phones to corporate networks.

Social Engineering & Social Media Penetration

Magarah can help you better inform and educate your staff to be attack and hacker-aware through our Social Engineering services.

Security Awareness Training

To create change, you need knowledge and you need to gather information at every stage: before, during and after deployment of your security awareness program.