Wireless Testing


Why test?

  • Wireless provides easy and flexible access from laptops, tablets, PCs and mobile phones to corporate networks. It is this flexibility that introduces unique risks since physical security cannot be used to restrict network access.
  • Attacks can be performed on IT systems from remote locations.
  • Wireless penetration testing is important for organisations with large-scale wireless network infrastructure as your internal network is being exposed beyond the walls of your organisation.

What you gain from this testing

  • Understand the real risks from your wireless deployment.
  • Ensure your systems can withstand a motivated and highly skilled attacker.
  • Receive detailed and prioritised mitigation strategies to increase your ability to identify and repel attacks.
  • A comprehensive report outlining the security exposures of your wireless network, including high impact recommendations and root causes.
  • Enhanced protection of your business intelligence, data and IT systems, brand and reputation.

How Magarah tests

All our security testing is fully customised to your environment and deployment model. We have developed a proven methodology to test for wireless security flaws which includes:

  • Wireless network identification including wireless fingerprinting, information leakage and signal leakage.
  • Encryption weaknesses such as encryption cracking, wireless sniffing and session hijacking.
  • 802.1x authentication attacks, de-authentication and brute force attacks, both online and offline.
  • Access control bypass techniques like NAC bypass, Firewall bypass and Denial of Service bypass.
  • Client attacks such as rogue access points, end user exploitation and session hijacking.