Security Awareness Training


The ultimate measure of security awareness is behavior change.
Reducing the human risk factor will protect your organization from cyber threats.


of all successful cyber attacks is caused by human error

4 Benefits of An Effective Security Awareness Program

  • Build a security culture
  • Reduce employee behavior risk
  • Meet compliance obligations
  • Measure program effectiveness

The cycle of implementing behavior changes to reduce human risk

To create change, you need knowledge and you need to gather information at every stage: before, during and after deployment of your security awareness program. The security awareness 5-step framework provides step-by-step instructions and keeps your program aligned to your objectives with a structure, series of checklists and best practices to help you get it right the first time.

  • Step 1


    your organization’s needs and objectives and develop a cyber security awareness program that generates results.

  • Step 2


    your program to stay on track and engage your workforce as well as your stakeholders.

  • Step 3


    an effective training initiative and witness behavior change as it happens.

  • Step 4


    the performance of your program against your objectives and demonstrate progress to stakeholders.

  • Step 5


    campaigns accordingly and update your program to incorporate new insight.