Web Application Penetration Testing


Magarah Web Application Penetration Testing services focus on finding standard and business vulnerabilities. Crawling through the webpages, the security team understands the application and creates a threat profile, which includes possible business logic attack scenario’s.  The security team performs the test as planned on the network and a detailed report is presented to the client. If needed the report can be used to recreate the attack scenario. The client can opt for Internal and External Application Penetration Testing. 

Business Benefits:

For this purpose, we split the infrastructure tests in two categories:

  • Saves revenue in remediation and notification costs by avoiding network downtime and/or averting a single breach.
  • Lowers the costs of security audits by providing comprehensive and detailed factual evidence of an enterprise’s ability to detect and mitigate risks.
  • Creates a heightened awareness of security’s importance at the top management level.
  • Provides a way to evaluate the effectiveness of security controls and counter-measures.
  • Discovers methods hackers could use to compromise customer/member data.
  • Helps organisations understand their security posture.
  • Provides information to support regulatory compliance.
  • Provides a strong basis for helping to determine appropriate security budget.


A formal penetration testing report which contains:

  • Executive summary.
  • Scope.
  • Vulnerabilities with evidences (Detailed steps which can be used to recreate attack scenario).
  • Severity.
  • Solution.