Security Assessment Services


A Security Assessment is the process of employing administration tools & techniques to verify the security of configurations, infrastructure, deployment tiers and even the physical protections.

Magarah security experts will verify configurations for systems, databases and network devices, as well as assess the infrastructure for security problems.


Reduced risk

Comprehensive reviews increases the chance of finding any security issues before a hacker does.

Improved application resilience

Testing from the criminal’s perspectives highlight weaknesses hackers look for.

Exhaustive testing

Experienced security consultants review the application from a hacker’s perspective.

Verified and prioritised

Exploitable vulnerabilities verified by expert analysts with clear advice on remediation that prioritises crucial vulnerabilities

Ransomware has been described by cyber experts, as the “Epidemic of our time.”  Here are just a few facts to consider as you think about Cyber Security for your business:

  • Worldwide damage costs are expected to exceed $6 Trillion by 2021.
  • In 2018 58% of all cyber-attacks hit small business.
  • 60% of small businesses go out of business with 6 months of an attack or data loss.

So how do your protect your business?  Start with a complete IT Security Assessment to understand where the are gaps and the steps you need to take to improve.

In 2018 the National Institute of Standards and Technology established a Core Framework for improving cyber security.  They identified 5 key areas of focus to improve any cyber security plan.