Mobile endpoint management​


As mobile endpoints become more powerful, end users increasingly rely on them to perform business tasks. However, these same endpoints that access your corporate network also connect to the internet without protection against threats and vulnerabilities. By using a third-party mobile endpoint management system—such as a mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM) system—you can easily manage both company-provisioned and employee-owned devices (such as in a BYOD environment).

At the most basic level, there are three core capabilities that all organizations need from an EMM solution:

  • Visibility


    Understanding what's running on mobile devices is the key to creating compliance policies and being able to detect potential risks. Simply put, if you don't know what's running, how can you control the risk?

  • Secure access


    Providing the ability for mobile users to securely access applications and data is a core element of EMM. It's imperative that organizations help their users to securely access applications while maintaining proper security controls.

  • Data protection


    Malware happens; the best EMM solutions provide anti-malware and data protection capabilities to help limit the risk of breaches and data loss.